Here I Am (again) :)

Yup, I am back. Back from what, say you? Well, a while back, I started a blog on another site, as well as a “Word of the Day” on my Facebook page. Then life stepped in and, as it will do, changed those plans a bit. So I took my own “break”, and now I’m ready to jump back in. The blog format is different, but my philosophy and writing style isn’t.  My style is casual, homey, a “come on in, put your feet up, and set a spell” kind of place. I am informal, and just want everyone to feel at home here. I like variety, so you will find recipes, crafts, gardening and sometimes, just my random thoughts about things. I hope this blog will inspire you to “take a break” in your own day, and perhaps also give you some ideas of things you can do, make, and enjoy.  I’m happy when you stop by,  and I love to get comments. Grab your favorite beverage and perhaps a snack, and come on in!

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